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Tapa automáticamente la máquina de serigrafía de dos colores

Payment Type:
L/C,T/T,Western Union
Min. Order:
1 Set/Sets
Delivery Time:
20 Days
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Supply Ability & Additional Informations

PaqueteCaja de madera

productividad50 sets one month


Lugar de origenDongguan, China

Capacidad de suministro50 sets / month

Certificados CE Certificate

Tipo de PagoL/C,T/T,Western Union


Plazo de entrega20 días

Embalaje y entrega
Unidades de venta:
Tipo de paquete:
Caja de madera

Máquina automática de serigrafía de botella de dos colores sin punto fijo / / características


  • This automatic two-color screen printing machine is designed for printing non-locating caps and hoses. It has independent feeding system, efficiently printing. It support a variety of caps and hoses through replacing the fixtures.
  • It is suitable for part of bowl and cup shaped products with little tapers.
  • At present, in the market, the automatic bottle printing machine all is connect-type, the bottle goes into the second printing unit for the second color printing after the fist color. Due to the length of the direction of tolerance, such kind screen printing machine can do 5 colors or 6 colors, but this type of screen printing machine is only suitable for positioning products.
  • No fixed point of the bottle, the hose must be used to chain structure type screen printing machine, only this kind screen printing machine could do overprint.
  • It is suitable for most types of plastic materials, especially for PP, PE materials.
  • It is suitable for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and circular bottle cap in food industry , could print a variety of patterns.

Automatic two-color no fixed point bottle silk screen machine / / usage

  • Plastic packaging, lubricants industry, cosmetics industry, daily necessities manufacturing industry;
  • A variety of non-positioning point of the hose, cup-shaped containers;
  • There is no side of the smooth side of the bottle.

Automatic two-color no fixed point bottle silk screen machine / / technical parameter

  • Max printing stroke: 300 mm;
  • Max Printing speed: 4000 pcs/h;
  • Work piece size(Round): Diameter:25-50 mm;Length:60-100 mm;
  • Power supply: AC380V,3Phase ,45A/(1-3Colour),100A/(4-5Colour);
  • UV Lamp wattage: 4KW/pc;
  • UV Exhaust fan wattage: 0.2KW;
  • Exhaust rate: 11.6 m3/min;
  • Motor Wattage: 0.75KW;
  • Reduction gearbox : 1:7.5;
  • Feeding motor wattage : 0.75KW;
  • Fixture motor wattage : 0.5 KW;
  • Vacuum Pressure : 500 mm/Ag;
  • Flame gas: Liquefied Petroleum gas( LPG);
  • Air : 6 Bar;
  • Air rate of flow : 1500Lit/M.
  • Power: 1 phase 220V,45A;
  • 5-7Bar Compress air ;
  • Liquefied petroleum Gas, Natural gas
  • Package Dimension: 3600×1550×1220mm;
  • Gross weight: 1100Kg
  • CBM: 6.8076
  • Package Dimension: 1650×800×1220mm;
  • Gross weight: 165Kg
  • CBM: 1.6104

Automatic two-color no fixed point bottle silk screen machine / / advantage

  • Designed for round caps with no locating points, the structure is simple and reasonable, the debugging is quick and easy, and the action is stable and reliable.
  • Synchronous motor drive the conveyor belt, the speed can be step-less adjusted, feed width can be easily adjusted.
  • Using vibration plate feeding system, the cap can be automatically transmitted to the screen transmission system. This design include automatic direction identification system, the cap can automatically enter the transmission system in a unified direction.
  • Using flame treatment device to improve the PP,PE material ink adhesion; flame pressure can be flexibly adjusted.
  • The use of chain drive system automatically pre-alignment, to ensure accurate overprint, overprint accuracy of up to 0.05 mm.
  • By changing the cap fixture, the machine can easily print caps of different diameters;
  • Screen plate and scraper position can be adjusted precision in three dimension and angle, ensure that printing position to meet user`s requirements.
  •  Mechanical transmission and pneumatic combination, the Japanese inverter for program control, smooth operation;
  • Touch screen operation, easy to achieve man-machine dialogue, so that the operation is more handy.
  • UV curing system, imported UV device, excellent curing speed and quality, greatly improve the printing efficiency; printing speed is about 3600pcs / h.
  • The whole machine components and control systems using German and Japanese components to ensure a stable printing quality.

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