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Impresora de pantalla plana con mesa con ranura en T

Payment Type:
Min. Order:
1 Bag/Bags
Delivery Time:
15 Days
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Supply Ability & Additional Informations

PaqueteCaja de madera

productividad100 Sets/month


Lugar de origenDongguan

Capacidad de suministro100 Sets/month

Certificados CE Certificate



Tipo de PagoL/C,T/T


Plazo de entrega15 días

Embalaje y entrega
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Caja de madera

Máquina de serigrafía plana S-4565PT con mesa con ranura en T


It is  a flat screen printer with T-groove function, suitable for flat screen printing machine with a specific shape, capable of making a hard product clamped in a groove; such as electrical panel, glassware, ornament, craft gift printing. We could adjust the worktable with vertical and horizontal, ensure the precision of printing.

S-4565PT Flat screen printing Machine with T-Groove table//Parameters

  • Printing high:230mm;
  • Air :105Liter/Min;
  • Working tavble dimension:500×700mm;
  • Max Frame dimension: 700×950mm;
  • Max printing area:450×650mm;
  • Max printing speed:1200PCS/h ;
  • Max Stroke of up-and-down frame:200mm;
  • Max stroke od Squeegee:650mm.

S-4565PT Flat screen printing Machine with T-groove table //Advantage

  • T-slot table to facilitate the production of fixture clamping work table, suitable for should not be deformed, the industrial parts of the particular shape of the screen printing;
  • Screen Forme up and down movement of contact with the table, suitable for hand-placed and remove the product;
  • Distance of the screen and table to the flexibility to adjust for different heights of the product silk screen;
  • Screen forme Clamping device free to adjust to fit different sizes of screen;
  • Screen Plate clamping device can be adjusted Front and back, left and right, up and down, the angle of the fine-tuning in order to fine-tune the exact location of the pattern in the product above;
  • Stroke of the scraper can be flexibly adjusted the pattern to suit different size;
  • Squeegee pressure can be individually adjusted to fit any high-precision screen printing;
  • Microcomputer program control operations;
  • 4-Digit auto counter; to facilitate the measurement of production efficiency.

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